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Internship at Saturday school

Joining Saturday School internship is like opening yourself to new opportunities to learn. You will utilize your skills in a variety of tasks and will never have the fear of making
mistakes. We not only accept volunteer teachers but we have many projects that are open for you to become a part of.

What you will do during the Internship

There are many things to work on during your internship with us whether it is designing a program, being a facilitator and much more. You will be able to engage in a wide range of tasks: some that fit your expertise and some that challenge you out of your comfort zone. The internship is a chance for you to try many things without the fear of making mistakes. Our team is always supportive and ready to help you.


The internship is open to everyone who is interested from high school seniors and university students (regardless of their major)
to working adults (regardless of their field.) No matter which country you are in, we are ready to accept you for our training.

Find new value in you, together !