Saturday School Foundation

What is

Saturday School?

Saturday School Foundation is an educational non-profit foundation who creates a learning space that allows everyone in the society to participate in the development of Thai education. It is believed that everyone can be a part of the transformation of education by encouraging children to dare to pursue their dreams and return to make a difference to their communities and society.

Saturday School Impact

School/Community (Bangkok 27 + Phuket 1)


Self-awareness is an extent to which a person is aware of and understands what they think, do, and feel. This includes being aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, values, and interests.

Growth mindset is a belief and understanding that abilities and intelligence can be developed and enhanced through putting in time and effort.

Resilience is an ability to cope with adversity, adapt positively, and bounce back when facing difficulties, stressors, or setbacks.

Prosocial behavior is any behavior that is voluntary and intended to benefit other people or society as a whole.”

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