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Saturday School Student Support

Raise children’s dreams to their goals through the mentoring program. Volunteers will guide children to plan their future to reach their dreams and return to make a difference to their own communities and society.

Since the moment I’ve joined SSSS project, I knew this is a place for positive energy. From the staff to volunteers are full with determination and positivity. I haven’t joined the project for too long but I’ve seen everyone put in effort to aid every high school students to the best abilities. All of the students come with the intention and determination to achieve their dreams, and when everyone meet, it just creates more positivity that makes my time here enjoyable and meaningful. Sometimes I’m stressed with the outside social, but when I come back here I feel like I’m recovered and better.

Ruamporn Siratanapanta (Ruam) Workshop team SSSS

In Saturday School Student Support, all the members focus on helping the students realize their potential and planning the study path that suits them.

Some of the students have their goals set in stone, we just help them reach those goals quicker and more convenient. And we also provide the information and opportunities to help those who don’t know of their goals yet.

Every time we have a meeting I can feel everyone’s teamwork and power. There are frequent update on every student’s progress. It’s fun and challenging like doing a team project in high school all over again.

Piyapatch Terbsiri (Mameaw) Mentor SSSS