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Saturday School from home

Enhance abilities to use digital tools for teachers in the education system. This project took place during the COVID-19 pandemic when teachers are not familiar with digital tools or online teaching.

“Saturday School like a family to me, we have worked together, we shared thoughts, experience and supported each other.”

Anthika Phithaksaringkhan (Aun)

Volunteer Teacher at Saturday school from home

“I have seen how dedicated Core Team is, working both on weekdays and weekends. I have also worked with teacher volunteers from various fields and seen Thai teachers’ determination to adjust and adapt to teaching tools that they weren’t familiar with. These are why there’s still hope in Thai education, and everyone from any field could take part in this movement.”

Phailin Santichaivekin (Jane)

Volunteer Teacher at Saturday School From Home, teaching Zoom

“Taking part in Saturday School From Home volunteer work has opened the door to new experiences and given me the opportunity to work in the field I’m interested in.”

Chanita Butrattana (Tookta), Volunteer Teacher at Saturday School From Home, teaching Google Site


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