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Staff's Interview


What do you like about Saturday School International?

I really want to thank this project and Saturday School for giving us volunteers the opportunities to take part in improving Thai education and to meet like-minded people. This very opportunity not only allows us to work for the betterment of Thai education, but we have also improved ourselves and our skills and have done things we didn’t know we could. I must add that the smile, laughter and fun during each meeting have completely eliminated the fatigue from my paid job.

What do you hope to see working as a volunteer at Saturday School?

I want to see this foundation grows. We might even have projects like this all over Thailand. I personally believe that there are plenty of volunteers out there who want to help improve Thai education but they just don’t have the opportunity to take their part.

What do you hope to see working as a volunteer with the SSI project?

I hope to see Thai children having the courage to speak English. I want them to enjoy it, not fear it like I used to because I was only taught grammar, not the speaking skills.

Being part of the SSI project, I really believe we are part of the movement to improve Thai education, particularly in the area of the English subject which is very crucial for today’s generation and which will help opening more possibilities for career growth for the youths.

Mintra Juntavitchaprapa (Mint)

Saturday School International Staff