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Staff's Interview


The first time I’ve joined Saturday Film I chose the radio team because I wanted to try being a DJ. Who knows how difficult it would be to produce weekly content and improving speaking skills; you’ll have to choose the right words and tone so that your listeners understand you correctly while delivering the content naturally. Several of our first episodes were news updates or analysis of topics related to education and social, others were consulting where we invite people, students or college students to phone in and ask us anything. They would ask for wide variety of topics such as education, finance, romance, social and life advice. It allows me to listen to so many stories, even if I couldn’t see their face I could feel their emotions through their voices. After we’ve listened to them we would try our best to understand them and brainstorm, and consult with the psychologist in our team, so we could provide various kinds of solutions. Those radio sessions weren’t just us and them talking, but both of us being open and understanding each other. It felt really good that my advice was able to provoke thoughts or relieve pain for many people.

Bharerat Kumdaj (Jan)

Saturday Film Radio Team