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Staff's Interview


How do you feel participating in Saturday School?

I’m glad to learn and have a chance to empower and be empowered with people who share the same passion. Joining Saturday School not only helps me to be a part of a social development and make a change for Thai Education, but it also improves myself and allows me to develop new skills. This open learning space or “Sandbox” encourages us to elicit new ideas, try what we want to explore, think outside the box, and not be afraid to make mistakes.

How do you think Saturday School helps in improving Thai education?

Contributing to the learning community. Saturday School believes in children’s potential and their own unique skills. That is why Saturday School designs the extra-curriculum based on children’s interests, to be a dream school which will inspire and enhance their self-discovery and self-value.

Jakkrit Puchongprawet (Ball)

Foundation Back office Team