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Staff's Interview


How do you feel participating in Saturday School?

I started volunteering as I am passionate about searching and exploring space for improving Thai children, and I do believe that Saturday School is that space. When I first joined Saturday School, I was looking for a position related to my talent which is Graphic Designer. Everyone might think that sitting in front of a computer is enough for me, but it is only the starting point that takes me out of my comfort zone to join the real classroom. Seeing volunteers’ and children’s smiles and hearing their laughter every Saturday lead me to discover my values and help me find my happiness. I believe I give out energy every time I go to Saturday School classrooms, and it energizes me back the same way. I do learn and improve a lot by my volunteer friends who guide and lead me to explore new things. One year since I have joined Saturday School, I have had chances to support volunteers and many children. This has allowed me to learn and do things I never did, and it has given me a chance to know myself more than before. Love to invite you to be a giver and receiver at the same time.

How do you think Saturday School helps in improving Thai education?

In my opinion, Thai education lacks opportunities for thai children to explore their own identity to reach their full potential. Children’s intellectuals are accessed mainly by grades and tests of normal curriculums. Every child has their own talent in different ways. Because children aren’t able to be themselves and discover their value, Saturday School provides an opportunity for them to access learning space with Saturday class which supports them to unlock their potential that might change their life entirely. The key of Saturday School is a space and an opportunity for children and volunteers to explore and discover themselves, and find their own happiness and value to deliver for others and society.

Thanyarat Thongnoo (Yiu)

Foundation Back office Team