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Be the change you want to see
in your area

Local Leader

To oversee the operations of a foundation’s affiliate in a particular area. Local leader oversees logistics, develop customized operations based on foundation’s vision and mission in order to ensure sustainability of Saturday School operation in the area.


Oversee all project operation in the responsible areas from developing overview customized plan for the area, project planning, budgeting, and execution

Recruit, manage and develop coreteam staffs in order to enable them to deliver quality experiences to local volunteer staffs

Keep updating and report results with the central foundation team


  •  Passion to make a change for the society
  •  Leadership experience with management and people skills
  •  Entrepreneurial skill
  •  Excellent Communication skill
  •  Be Proactive and creative 
  •  Have persistence quality (Having a character of not giving up easily)
  •  Basic financial skill
  •  Comfortable with ambiguity
  •  Project management skill (Preferable)

What will you get

  •  Great community of good-minded people
  •  Be a change maker who create a momentum of positive change in the area
  •  Management Experience
  •  Sense of creating an education initiative
  •  Network of education players in Thailand

Hours Per Week

Flexible (At least 8 hours per week)