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Intern's Interview


How was your experience as a Saturday School’s Intern?

It was quite nervous at first because I had no idea how Saturday School works, but once I got to be in the team as an intern, I realized it was the right decision to make. Saturday School gave me chances to actually be practical with the work, to actually get to try different things. What impressed me the most is to be working with such an awesome group of people – everyone here is like a family – they never treated me as an intern, but a team member and a role-player. Everyone is very talented, and I’ve learnt a lot from them – the working perspective and everything. I feel like I’ve become a better me after my internship. It’s hard to put a word to describe my feelings because there are too many positive ones – you have to try it yourself!

What do you think is Saturday School’s role in Thai Education?

Saturday School in my eyes has a very important role in improving Thai education system for Thai children who are underprivileged to get an opportunity to discover more of themselves. Saturday School’s curriculums are totally new and unique, and this would help greatly in helping the students to open up their eyes to the larger world through hands-on experiences, creating new hopes, new inspirations, and new dreams. “Knowledge is not limited to the classroom” – Saturday School has successfully highlighted this saying, and this is what makes Thai education grow, both in terms of learning and dream-making.

Pasith Thanyapisassak (Champ)

Intern team